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The range of traded equipment highlights the complexity of the approach to each specific situation, which has led to a constant specialization in relation to the challenges of every application we are involved in.

Our company offers a wide range of equipments related to cereal storage and conditioning, with the main purpose of ensuring an efficient and coherent framework of exploitation of the bases.

Our goal involves creating a relationship based on mutual trust and obviously following a coherent anlaze, offering the best technical solutions, based on a correct price / quality ratio.

Starting from your needs, we can design and build a wide range of equipment. The whole team is dedicated to achieving a quality level that will exceed the requirements. We invite you to visit our site sections to learn more about what we can do for you.


Complete solutions for streamlining grain flow​



Customers are turning to our services to find solutions for grain storage, cereal aeration, cereal transport, grain cleaning and grain drying and other bulk cargo. We offer a full range of silos / warehouses for farms or commercials, silos / conical bottom warehouses, and a full range of accessories. Ask us for your cereal storage and cereal storage needs for products such as wheat, corn, soybeans, barley, legumes, rice, sunflower seeds, palm seeds, and other free flowing materials such as resin beans processed polyethylene, wood blades, feed or various minerals. Regardless of the amount of storage required, Prime Agriculture offers custom design and manufacturing technology.

With Prime Agriculture, you can be sure that you will benefit from high-quality products built to a high standard of design and safety. Whether you need standardized service solutions or on-demand, contact our specialists for construction, design or production assistance. We guarantee our products and we are dedicated to providing our customers with high quality products. Our goal is to provide quality at a fair price so that our customers benefit from the best commercial conditions in line with the current economic realities.


Effective solutions for farmers


Prime Agriculture offers complete solutions for storage, handling and conditioning of cereals:


Grain silos with flat and tapered base

Screw conveyors and chain conveyors.

Grain bucket elevators

Grain dryers and grain cleaners

Laboratory equipment for grains

Weighing systems

Pneumatic grain conveyors

Grain selectors and cleaners

Systems for temperature monitoring of grains

Ventilation systems for cereals

Maintenance and service

Our service teams are ready to cope with provocation, regardless of location, so we can offer our customers fast service and punctual solutions: INTERVENTION IN MAXIMUM 24 H, COMPLETE SOLUTIONS AND PROFESSIONAL SUPPORT.


Technical assistance for personalized solutions


Our mission is to provide creative and professional development projects at an honest price that will create tangible solutions and benefits for our partners and customers in view of their favorable position vis-à-vis competition and to create lasting partnerships. We are beside our clients from designing investment projects to checking the implementation of the project in accordance with the methodology of financing the structural funds and until the last payment request.

Thus, our clients have accessed successful projects through the EAFRD measures 112, 121, 123, 123 XS18, 125, 312, 313, 322.

The success of a financing project is entirely the merit of the client - he is the decision maker, who takes risks and puts into play his own resources. Our role is to show what are the possible ways, which are the means and provide specific working tools.



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Delivery and installation mobile screw conveyor EMD
We deliver and installed an mobile screw conveyor with 21,3 mlenght and 100 tph capacity to Cereal Bac, county Botosani
Str. Valeni, nr. 137, Ploiesti,
jud. Prahova
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