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Full range of professional grain screws. Produced in Germany, EMD range screws are an optimal solution for farmers who want to load and unload grain on farms.
The Farmer's range of screws includes equipment with an unbeatable price-quality ratio for the Romanian market. Included in this range are mobile lathes, screw conveyor with hoppers, tailgate augers, custom augers and small capacity augers.
Laterally foldable overload augers are true all-rounders. Even with extremely tilted trailers, they can reach a loading height of 4.50 m. The advantages of this design lie in the large transfer heights, the good reach and the compact transport position
Suction and force pneumatic conveyors are designed to transport the grain both horizontally and vertically. They may be applied for unloading works, such as handling the grain from heaps, grain silos or silos simultaneously loading onto the transporting vehicles and the other way around. The suction nozzle placed at the end of an elastic...
Delivery and installation mobile screw conveyor EMD
We deliver and installed an mobile screw conveyor with 21,3 mlenght and 100 tph capacity to Cereal Bac, county Botosani
Str. Valeni, nr. 137, Ploiesti,
jud. Prahova
(+40) 730.030.933
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